"Is your brand winning hearts and minds?
Does it consistently reflect your core values?" 

DEC Marketing can help you deliver a coherent, coordinated, compelling brand message applied across varied customer touch-points.

You brand is much more than just a logo. It’s your company’s DNA. Our holistic ‘integrated’ marketing approach means we can increase the impact and effectiveness of your brand wherever it engages with customers, clients, prospects and stakeholders: in sales, product or service literature, on websites and social media, in your advertising, in the press and in person. Our brand management services cover 4 key areas:

  • Brand Strategy – branding reviews and audits, market research, perception analyses and competitor reviews to ensure you're making the right change for the right reason
  • Brand Creation – defining the building blocks of your brand and its corporate positioning, then clearly articulating your values and vision to your employees and customers
  • Brand Identity – applying strategic thinking and creative flair to your corporate and visual identity to make sure your ID hits the mark
  • Brand Implementation – in-house and third party usage, application guidelines, and everything you need to make sure your brand stays sharp, wherever it appears

As the great ‘Brand-Daddy’ Walter Landor once said "Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind". We will help you favorably position your brand within the hearts and minds of your customers, clients, members, subscribers, employees and stakeholders.

Next Steps?

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