"Robust best practice tools
to help you control and
improve your business events."

To ensure we deliver genuine, measurable ROE (Return on Event), we view your event as one part of a complex commercial jigsaw.

That calls for a sophisticated, intelligent approach that places your event at the heart of a multi-disciplinary process.

Process is key for us. We’ll show you how to create, manage and control every single aspect of your event using one (or more) of our proven-under-fire systems.

Click on the various links below to reveal our systematic approach to event management functions:

Online Event Systems

We have developed and built a range of online systems to improve event promotion, enhance event production and support event administration.

If you need to quickly establish a reliable, inexpensive online presence to promote your next event we have the expertise and tools ready and waiting.

If you want to save time and money by automating event management tasks, our suite of robust software components can easily be customised to provide tailor made solutions for any event.

Examples include:

  • Secure online delegate registration
  • Event email newsletter distribution
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Interactive press office
  • Online promotion and sales tools
  • Delegate, exhibitor and sponsor information resources
  • Surveys, voting, collaborative judging
  • Web traffic reports and stats
  • Content management tools
  • Learner management databases

Event evaluation

As pressure on marketing budgets grows ever-greater, demonstrating the success of a business event has become paramount.

But unfortunately, providing meaningful measurement is an area that many event organisers (and their clients) either overlook or do badly. Whether measuring the educational or commercial value, return on investment or the delegate experience at your event, we have developed a range of tools to provide comprehensive assessment:

  • Delegate/visitor evaluation Our methodology for evaluating the delegate experience is based on a comparison between importance (i.e. delegate expectation) and delivery (how you actually performed).

    Our scoring system provides clients with a percentage score for each element of an event: content; administration; networking opportunities; speaker handout materials; session facilitation; delegate pack contents; venue location; venue facilities; food and refreshments; event management on the day; pre event marketing; the mix of delegates at the event; if the event met advertised objectives; what actions delegates would take after the event.
  • Impact measurement Our evaluation service extends to measuring the impact of your business/learning events once delegates have gone back to their workplace. We can establish the usefulness of the event to their organisation, the impact on their personal effectiveness and whether your event stimulated any positive change.
  • Marketing effectiveness Using techniques honed through years of direct marketing experience, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of your promotion campaigns. Measurements include mailing list response rates, marketing budget ROI, web site traffic reports, social media aggregator stats.

Using split tests we can provide insight into the importance of your different offers, copy, lists, collateral format etc.


For certain types of commercial event, telemarketing plays a crucial role in the delivery of target numbers.

In our experience it is usually telephone contact that finally persuades a prospect delegate to convert into a confirmed booking.

We have developed a unique sales approach specifically geared to delegate recruitment drives. It draws on subject/interest intelligence gathering and focuses on problem-solving rather than hard selling. Calls are structured but unscripted and we build in continuous refinement of the sales approach based on call feedback.

Our approach can also be used to sell exhibition space and event sponsorship packages.

We will work closely with you to a clearly defined set of deliverables within your agreed timescale and budget.

Managed Networking

Many delegates claim that networking (meeting others with common interests) is as important to them when choosing to attend a business event as the actual content. Our experience also confirms this fact.

As a result we believe that networking is too important to leave to chance and that evaluation scores at business events are significantly increased when some kind of managed networking has been organised by the host. We can help you set up and implement a variety of different services to enhance the 'event experience' for your delegates. These could include activities before, during or after the event.

We can provide you with the technical and administrative back up to create significant addend value for your attendees, sponsors or exhibitors. Examples could include

  • Pre event meeting scheduler
  • 'Birds of a feather' seating plans on the day
  • Structured movement of delegates between activities or lunch/dinner courses
  • Issue-based information exchange points on the day
  • Sparking topics/conversation cards/table hosts
  • Match-making service before, during or after the event
  • Online communities and discussion forums

Project Tools and Templates

As you would expect from a team of professional organisers, we have developed checklists, schedules, template forms, and measurement and tracking tools to help manage your event projects.

These templates, based on industry standards, help us work with you to deliver projects on time and within agreed budgets. They help us communicate effectively with your customers, members and prospects. We have compiled documentation templates for you to quickly adapt and use.

  • Production schedules We have developed time-line frameworks for conferences, exhibitions, seminars and other business events.
  • Delegate information Whether for joining instructions, badges, delegate packs or signage, we can advise you on the best way to present information to your delegates.
  • Supplier briefing templates Our requisition forms ensure you get the best from third-party suppliers. We know what questions you need to ask and can advise on the level of service you should expect.
  • Venue checklists We have compiled the definitive checklist to use when making a venue inspection.
  • Mind Mapping Using the latest mind-mapping software, we can capture and visually present idea development in real time. This allows us to provide impressive visual presentations – whether facilitating your in-house meetings or providing a high-class minute-taking service at your events.


Capturing your event on digital video can add a new dimension and extend its impact. Whether you want a lasting educational resource or a powerful promotional tool, we have the skills and expertise to help. Using the latest digital technology, we can provide:

  • Promotional films to capture the energy and atmosphere of your event. DVDs or web links featuring interviews and vox pops can be sent to clients and prospects. Promotional films can also go online to enhance your web site and advertise future events.
  • Interactive DVDs of speeches. Re-viewing a DVD can help solidify your message for delegates and reach those who could not attend. Material can be synchronised with speakers' PowerPoint slides to create a powerful tool for future training or as an add-on sale.
  • Downloadable event coverage for worldwide access. If delegates just want a quick reminder of part of the event, they may prefer to browse clips online.
  • Filming speakers for live projection onto big screens in the auditorium or in overflow rooms
  • Live web streams. Draw visitors to your web site and enable your event to impact clients all over the world.
  • Transcripts of speeches. Allow journalists to grab key points and quotations and provide written records for publications and other documents.
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